Guidance For Single Mothers On Making Home Repairs

I believe that my means of handling (or not handling) home repairs is generally typical for single women who are the owners of their own homes. I hope my experiences will help you navigate the waters of home improvement.

When I bought my home 9 years ago, my only son was going to become three years old and I was looking forward to the feelings of security of owning my own slice of the great American home owner dream. Being a single mother was (and is!) both a challenge and also rewarding, however I knew that owning a house of my own was also the best thing that has ever happened around both my son as well as myself.

The house was ten years old when I purchased. It was in terrific condition. However, Still, as time passed, various issues cropped up. I believe my way of handling (or not dealing with) home repairs is rather typical for single women who are the owners of their own residences. Hopefully, my own experiences will help you navigate the home improvement waters. This is what I have now put into practice:

1. You can get a great deal accomplished with an excellent publication and a toolbox. The Xmas of the year I moved in, my sis as well as brother-in-law provided me a tool kit that was full of the essentials: screwdrivers, wrenches, a hammer, different types of nails, nuts as well as bolts, etc. In addition, Additionally, they also gifted to me a book on fundamental home repairs. Their present actually provided me with the basics of what I needed, but it likewise offered me self-confidence that I might tackle minor home renovation projects. My insight: purchase some basic tools and also make use of a book or online resources to guide you through the regular maintenance that your residence calls for.

2. Request for recommendations. As a single mother who is now 36 years of age and has quite limited knowledge of more complicated home improvement problems, I'm consistently scared that I will be taken advantage of by a repair firm. When my a/c conked out on a 100-plus degree day, as an example, I had no chance of recognizing if I really required a brand-new unit. I have actually discovered how to contact sisters, relatives, and friends - whose collective knowledge exceeds my own - to obtain their impressions. They have actually steered me in the right way to go on a variety of different occasions.

3. Keep track of your brothers. Every one of the houses in my immediate area were constructed by the very same building contractor at approximately the exact same time. Being familiar with my neighbors as well as speaking with them concerning residential enhancement has actually helped me obtain a sense of exactly what to plan for. For instance, two years ago I began to see that the residences around me were beginning to get new roof coverings. Although I really did not have a leaky roof, a couple of months ago I made a decision to re-roof. I intended to be forward thinking so I really did not get stuck with the expense of drywall repairs in addition to the expense of a brand-new roof.

4. Request referrals, and then follow up on them on your own. Through my family members references, I have actually been able to discover a superb rcontractor, a remarkable exterior residential painter, and an excellent floor tile contractor. But, I do not simply count on their word. I consistently - repeat, constantly - check with my State contractor licensing board to verify their licenses and with the Better Business Bureau to look at past grievances. I get all estimates in in written form, and request for proof of insurance.

5. I suggest that you do not put your head in the sand. There has been greater than one instance when Ihave actually chosen not to handle a residential repair problem, as well as Ihave always regretted it. I understood, as an example, that the exterior of my fire place had some dry rot. Sadly, by letting it go for as long as I did, it cost me far more compared to if I would certainly have taken care of it immediately.

6. Make a check list. This last little advice is simple, but vital. Begin and also keep a residential maintenance diary. As an unmarried mother, it is all too easy to get caught up in the chaotic rate of life and also let regular home upkeep to be neglected. I separate my home repair diary into three areas: one for products that need attention in the next 3 months; one for home improvement tasks for the coming year; and also one that maps out what I wish to accomplish with the house over the following five years. The immediate- as well as medium-term lists keep me encouraged, while my long-term diary helps me save the money required for the big-ticket things.

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